What is Ayahuasca?

Banisteriopsis Caapi - The vine of the Souls

Ayahuasca is a vine that grows in the Amazon region. Ayahuasca has been used for thousands of years by shamans as a sacred medicine and sacrament, to commune with the world of spirit.

The traditional primary use of Ayahuasca is to be able to contact the spirit world to help find the remedy for those that are ailing mentally, physically, and spiritually. The shamans explain is that the vine contains a spirit; her name is Mother Ayahuasca. Mother Ayahuasca is the mother and master of the plants. When someone in the community of the shaman befalls to infirmity, the shaman will prepare the Ayahuasca through boiling it together with one or several other admixture plants, down to a thick brown bitter potion.

In the evening, the shaman would begin his/her ceremony singing magical songs called icaros that were taught to them by their master shaman or directly from the spirit world to call the healing and protective spirits. Once the ceremony commences, a great vision opens up, then the shaman can see the spirit or energetic counterpart of the person suffering the malady.

The spirits and Mother Ayahuasca show the shaman what plants, how to prepare them, and how to administer them to his client for the problem that is needing attention. Ayahuasca shows the shaman if the client is holding any heavy energies in the physical body, energetic body or their spirit, enabling the shaman to call the appropriate spirits that will help with the clearing of those energies.

Ayahuasca opens a portal to the spirit world. It is a very sacred plant in the Amazon. It enables the one drinking this magical elixir to grow and transform in one’s life. For the shamans, after they diet years and years with Ayahuasca, it gives them the ability to travel throughout the spiritual realms, different dimensions, other worlds, throughout the physical universe and to the creator.

To drink Ayahuasca with a shaman is an opportunity to transcend into the sacred and should be undertaken with great respect. When one imbibes of the sacred medicine, one must approach the Spirit of Ayahuasca with the proper intention, to be open to learn and receive the help that is offered.

When people come to work in a ceremony with Ayahuasca, their psychic senses are opened and enable the person to learn directly from the spirit world. The medicine once imbibed becomes a part of the person; the medicine is always with them afterward. The great Amazonian spirit medicine; Mother Ayahuasca.