7-Day Upcoming Ayahuasca Retreats

7 – Day Ayahuasca Retreat with Bobinsana



October 8th – 14th | Book Now
“Fully Booked!”

November 12th – 18th | Book Now
“Fully Booked!”

December 5th – 11th | Book Now
“9-Spaces Available!”

January 14th – 20th | Book Now
“10-Spaces Available!”

February 11th – 17th | Book Now
“9-Spaces Available!”

March 11th – 17th | Book Now
“12-Spaces Available!

April 1st- 7th | Book Now
“12-Spaces Available!

May 13th – 19th | Book Now
“8-Spaces Available!”

June 10th – 16th | Book Now
“12-Spaces Available!”



Ayahuasca Retreat serving ayahuasca with bobinsana has the purpose of traditional healing with ayahuasca. Ceremonies by excellent old school ayahuasca shamans of the Jungle.

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