What is San Pedro?

Trichocereus pachanoi

The San Pedro cactus has been used for a millennium in curing rituals and other more arcane uses as denoted by temple carvings in various places throughout Peru. It is one of the most ancient used magical plants of Peru. Its pre-colonial name is Huachuma.

When the Spanish arrived the use of San Pedro was widespread, and throughout history, there was much use of this plant in ceremonies they performed for various purposes. It is impressive to note that there are temples that were specifically built to use this powerful plant.

There is much hidden and not known about the actual use of this plant in modern times, especially the function and purpose they had at the many temples in Peru. The shamans use San Pedro to transcend ordinary states of consciousnesses to help those that are suffering from some spiritual malady.

Shamans of San Pedro claim to be able to contact the spirits of the mountains and lakes. There are some accounts of San Pedro opening up different dimensional realities or portals. Whether these realities are part of the mind or are real portals that otherworldly beings can enter and leave from or both remains to be proven. One can only experience working with this divine plant to begin to grasp and have a glimpse of what can be learned and the healing and knowledge that is possible.